Brooklyn Photographer Shares The Best Locations for the Perfect Portraits in Brooklyn


Have you been searching for a Brooklyn Photographer who can make your vision of perfect portraits come to life?  Look no further, because if you are scouring the internet searching for Brooklyn Photography or Brooklyn New York  Photographer  to find the best place to have your photographs  taken, you are in the right place!

With 30 miles of shoreline, over 700 art and cultural institutions, and the home to one of the most recognizable amusement parks in the world; Coney Island. Brooklyn has everything you need to make your photography session come to life!

As a Brooklyn Photographer (Portrait Artist), I have had the pleasure of capturing beautiful memories around this amazing borough. From Maternity Photography sessions to Newborn photography sessions, as well as Family Photography sessions, I’ve done them all. 

One thing I know for sure when it comes to Brooklyn Photography, Brooklyn creates the perfect backdrop for your portraits. Here are some popular places in Brooklyn where my clients love to have their portraits taken.


Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass is where all the magic happens. From the beautiful waterfront to towering bridges to the spectacular New York City Skyline, this area has everything you need to make your Brooklyn portrait session a success. One of the most fun and vibrant places clients love to have their Brooklyn Photographs taken is at Jane’s Carousel.

Located in the wonderful and amazing Brooklyn Bridge Park, this quintessential carousel was created in 1922 by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company.  Now, a completely restored carousel that took over two decades to complete, Jane’s Carousel lives in Brooklyn and boasts spectacular views of the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, the Brooklyn Waterfront , and the Manhattan Skyline.No wonder why every one comes to this magical place for their Brooklyn Photography Sessions!

Manhattan Bridge

Also located in DUMBO, the Manhattan Bridge is one of the most noticeable landmarks in this area. Many newlyweds take a small walk here after their wedding ceremony on Pebble Beach  to take candid and posed portraits as a newly married couple.  It also creates the perfect background  for New Yorkers and tourists alike who love this city and want to capture special moments for their maternity, graduation, engagement,  family and much more!

Brooklyn Bridge

One of the most iconic landmarks in Brooklyn is the infamous Brooklyn Bridge.  It makes for the perfect canvas for wedding portraits, maternity portraits, couple portraits, and for any occasion really. At any given time, you can see enthusiastic locals, traveling tourists, and people from all walks of life posing for a photo op on this iconic landmark.

Pebble Beach

A wedding destination for many, a relaxing hang out spot just a stone’s throw away from Jane’s Carousel, the Brooklyn Bridge, and some of the most trendiest restaurants, Pebble Beach is the place to be for your next Brooklyn Photography Session!

Prospect Park 

Whether you are posing for your annual family portrait or glowing for your first maternity portrait session, you can rest assured that Prospect Park in Brooklyn can create the perfect background for your portraits.

As you can see, when it comes to Brooklyn Photography, there is no shortage of landscapes, shorelines, parks, or historical bridges to choose from for your next portrait session.. The choice is completely yours! 

Whether you need a Brooklyn Photographer for maternity portraits, newborn portraits, family portraits, heirloom portraits, and many more, Passera NYC can bring your vision to life.  Call us at  718- 701-5256 and schedule your luxury portrait session today!

Pregnant woman in long red dress on a carousel horse
Pregnant woman in long red dress on a carousel horse

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