Iconic New York City Portrait Locations for your next luxury portrait session


It’s the fall in the city that never sleeps. It’s perfect for all day beach trips with your family, watching the sunset at an infamous rooftop bar with your best friends or just enjoying the sweet city life. But, you know what else the Big Apple is known for? If you guessed jaw dropping backdrops for the perfect portrait session, then you are right!!

With so many different juxtaposed buildings, iconic landmarks, and so many Instagram worthy portrait locations, you are sure to find an area in New York City that will make your next portrait session an amazing adventure!

And, just so you know, when we say New York City, we mean all the 5 boroughs.  ( Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, and Staten Island).  While there are many fabulous locations throughout the 5 boroughs, today we are going to focus on New York City Photography and some wonderful areas where you can have your portraits taken in NYC.

Discover the most picturesque locations for your next New York City Photography Session

No matter where you turn in the city, you will always discover a hidden gem that is just right for your luxury New York City Photography session.  Uptown Manhattan is no exception. With over 22.7 square miles in area, there’s something for everyone!

Have your New York City Photographer capture amazing portraits in Central Park

While there are many areas to choose from, I’d like to focus on Central Park.

One of the most special and well known places in Upper Manhattan is Central Park! Of course, we can’t talk about Upper Manhattan/New York City Photography without talking about the picturesque Central Park that is absolutely perfect for New York City  Photography.

Central Park – oh what a beauty! The main attraction in many rom-coms,  and the perfect destination for elegant weddings, and,  just a pleasure to stroll on a warm summer or fall day or any day of the week, really!

From the Bow Bridge to the Bethesda Fountain to ShakesPeare’s Garden, there are just so many lush and beautiful places to make your New York  Portrait session an experience to remember and cherish forever!

Midtown Manhattan

Now, we can’t talk about New York City Photography without talking about the infamous Times Square. Known for its hustle and bustle culture, illuminating billboards that shine brightly throughout day and night.  And, let’s not forget home to the ever so fabulous Broadway!

Whether you are looking for a New York Photographer to take your portrait in the middle of a busy street  (safety first, of course) or in front of one of the many iconic theatres on Broadway, or even on the magical steps of the New York Public Library, you can rest assured that you will find the most magnificent backdrop in New York City for your luxury portrait session.!

Lower Manhattan

If you love architecture and are a big history buff, you will love lower manhattan. It’s home  to some of the oldest, tallest Skyscrapers in New York City including,  The Woolworth Building,  The Standard Oil Building, and many other towering skyscrapers that are a beauty to look at!  Also there are many museums, observatories, monuments, and let’s not forget the Seaport in this popular area.   With so much to do and see in Lower Manhattan, you are sure to find the perfect background or landmark for your next New York City Photography session. 

Whether you are looking for a New York City Portrait  session that has all the  glitz and glamour, serene nature, or a piece of history, you can feel confident New York City has something for your every need. 

As an award-winning portrait artist who lives and works in this beautiful city, I can help you choose the perfect New York Photography location that matches your style and vision for your next portrait session in NYC. Ready for a luxury portrait experience you can cherish for a lifetime?  

Call us at 718-701-5256 to schedule your luxury portrait session today!

NYC Portrait of a pregnant brunette woman dressed in a tight white dress. She's on a New York City street next to an iconic yellow taxi cab.
NYC Portrait of a pregnant brunette woman dressed in a tight white dress. She's on a New York City street next to an iconic yellow taxi cab.

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