Your kid is putting together photos for their High School yearbook. They ask you “mom where are the baby photographs of me.” You go to the junk draw and dig out the old CDrom! “They are on here!” Your teen says “What is that? How are we going to get them off?” You have no idea… But there is a number on the envelope so you call and see if they still have you baby’s photographs. But they are out of business. What do you do next?

your kids will hate you!

Honor your family

Gift your family the greatest gift of all! Celebrate each other! We will create a beautiful portrait that represents each individual in your family.


Enjoy beautiful portraits today and every day — 30 yrs. from now when you are sharing the portraits with your grandkids you will be able to guide them through the story of their family.

Build belonging and confidence

By displaying the portraits of your children on your walls you are able to send a key message to them that they are an important part of your family. This builds a sense of belonging and a greater sense of confidence as they get older.

I don’t just love designing your dream session I care about you and your family’s story. Let’s create a beautiful masterpiece. 


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how to capture your family legacy!

Some people believe that fine art portraits are only a luxury purchase but we help you come together as a family. We allow magic to unfold in the unplanned moments of your session and then design a beautiful portrait for your home. We believe that every family deserves a portrait in their home that they will enjoy and cherish for generations.

Moms come to me because they are concerned that their kids will not want to participate. We create a stress-free and enjoyable experience. Your kids will be the first ones to dress up and have some fun! Some of my moms are even worried about their husbands but most of my dad’s come in and love the portrait session process, time with their family, and the artwork we create. Once they understand the process they tend to plunge into the experience. We also go the extra mile and provide certain services like hair and makeup artistry and a dress gallery to make sure you and your family look picture perfect!

We can help you create a grand foyer entrance masterpiece or a portrait for even the tiniest of spaces. NYC has many challenges and small apartment are one of the biggest. Let us come to you and create an heirloom piece that is perfect for you, your family, and your space. And when you are ready to move out of your 1st home and into your new one let us come and help you move your portrait for you.

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Not only is Christina extremely talented at creating stunning visual images, she creates a warm and welcoming experience from start to finish!

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I cannot give a higher review for Christina. She worked tirelessly to create a gorgeous album that my family will cherish for generations. 


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