“I’ll help you remember the magic of your newborn for years to come.”


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Let’s talk about some of the objections you might be having to a Newborn session. Maybe:

  • There are better things to spend this money on
  • Mom takes great pictures with her iPhone
  • I don’t want to look like every other crazy new Mom on Instagram!
  • I hate all those fake-looking backdrops
  • I’m too tired!

Familiar? Of course. Why wouldn’t you have thoughts like these? I would too, if I didn’t know the worth these precious memories have had for my clients. Here are some thoughts from other people who had doubts, but ended up being so glad they caught this brief and oh-so-special moment in their family’s life:

“It cost a bit, but I love these pictures! She was so so so little, but somehow her personality was right there.”

“It’s so hard to remember him being that tiny, partly because I was so out of it… Here it’s only been a year, and he’s changed so much. I look at the album all the time. It was 100% worth it. We’ll be doing it again with our second.”

“It’s more for your child than for you. It will be such a treasure for them to look back on. Personally, I can’t wait to be Grandma, showing my grandchildren these pictures of their Mommy.”

“I’m pregnant now with my second and it’s been so great to have these photos to show my 3 year old. I think it’s really helping prepare him for his new little sister—he’s always loved looking at the pictures and now I can say: look! She will be just like you were when you were a tiny baby!

“I really realized what a difference professional posing and lighting makes. No way could I have managed the same gorgeous and completely individual effects.”

A couple tips!

The shoots are when a baby is 5 to 10 days old. That’s when their still-forming bones are most pliable for posing

I stay on top of all the best methods for posing infants safely, and always have an assistant to make sure I have a second pair of trained hands

(A final thought—a newborn portrait may be the most blissful way YOU will ever find to appreciate the peaceful sight of your newborn sleeping quietly!)

(And final thought #2: a Newborn session is a GREAT gift from Grandma… or maybe FOR Grandma?)

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