“All you Mothers-to-be deserve to feel beautiful, empowered, and worthy.”


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How We Work Together

Often my super-special Maternity clients come in feeling heavy, swollen and exhausted. My goal? Make sure you feel beautiful and stunning. Use my professional tools:

  • Poses
  • Draping
  • Lighting
  • Analyzing your most flattering colors
  • Finding the perfect locations and backgrounds to help you remember what it’s like to love being in your own skin…

My promise to you:

In the portraits we make together, your inner beauty will be reflected in the images you’ll see.

Check out one of my clients said:

I have gotten amazing compliments, not only about how I look in the photos, but about the warm and serene qualities people see in the pictures. Who knew?

I’ve always always always hated pictures of myself. Until now! I love these. So does my husband. And my kids! My mom is even considering a session. I started a movement!

I never realized that maybe I might be missing something when I look in the mirror. Now I have a daily reminder of the real me. It’s so great.

My best friend died of cancer last year. I have great memories, but I don’t have any pictures that really look like what I remember best. She was the most generous, spontaneous lady, with the most gorgeous freckles… That’s really why I did the session. If anything happens, my family have a record of the me I want them to remember.

I look like a MOVIE STAR!!

Pro Tip

You’ll want to schedule your session during your 7th-8th months of pregnancy – that’s when your shape will be its most full and curvaceous.

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