“I want to help you celebrate your family”


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Is Your Family The Most Important Thing To You In The World?

Are You Watching Your Children Grow & Change Almost Before Your Eyes?

Are You Wishing You Could STOP TIME, And Hold On To This Moment Forever?


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How We Work Together

What are your family values? What makes you laugh and have fun? What do you love? What’s your family style? All things super clean, organic, nature-oriented? Fashion and a high-end lifestyle?

Whatever it is, that’s what you need to see in your family portraits.

I would never photograph a High-end Fashion Family in a funky Soho loft wearing jeans.

Or All-natural-fibers Bike-riding Family in tuxes and designer gowns.

Joyous, comfortable and loving—that’s the goal.

The best for me is when we get something out of left field. I love those explosions of giggles, and goodtime laughs.

I will eliminate a lot of things from my yearly budget before this particular extravagance! It is so worth it, at least if you are as lucky as we are, and have a photographer who really gets us and understands what matters to us. And who the kids love! What works with teens and kids?

It’s star time!

Treating a teenage girl to hair and makeup never goes wrong! Teens are so ready to jump into the experience. After all, it’s all about them! And they love my choice of gorgeous ‘young lady’ gowns.

What’s your kid’s favorite ‘alternative reality’?

it’s all about setting them free to be their happiest, most confident selves (and keeping them safe at the same time!). Let’s help them live out their favorite realities—made up, or real, Princess, Wonder Woman or track star.

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