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I'm photographing 50 women

50s, 60s, 70s+

I'd love you to be one of them!

You're invited to a truly one of a kind portrait experience. You'll be featured in my upcoming celebration and gallery exhibit. 

What does it include?

As one of my 50s, 60s, 70s+ women you will receive:

  • A creative planning session with me to discuss wardrobe, your favorite moods, poses, and lighting. We will design a few poses around a place in your home to hang the artwork created so you can enjoy them daily!
  • Your hair and makeup transformation on the day of your portrait session. (Make plans for after because you are going to look and feel gorgeous!)
  • Your expertly guided professional portrait session. You will be carefully guided, pose by pose to flatter your best features, show off your curves and bring out your inner light.  I will help you flaunt your assets and I pose you down to your expression and fingertips. 
  • A complimentary legacy matted portrait. After your session, you will be able to see all of your beautiful portraits. you will then be able to select your favorite portrait for print and will have the opportunity to purchase some or all the photographs that you love. (Most of our clients purchase a collection between 10-20 portraits or buy them all.)
  • Your portrait will be featured in the next Gala Celebration and Gallery Style Exhibition of the 50+ women and their stories. 
  • You will also have the opportunity to be featured in NYC Opulent Magazine!

to showcase the project:

  • You will be interviewed by us after the portrait session to find out your views about being a woman over 50.  This may include a video interview. 
  • That interview may be shared on my website and social media. 
  • Before and After makeover photos may be shown. 
  • Other conditions may apply. 

Portrait experiences are limited

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to disrupt and transform the way you are viewed by the media and society

our goal is simple:

  • There has never been a better time in history to be a woman over 50!
  • Let's celebrate that beauty doesn't diminish with age.
  • Help us tell your story about what it means to be over 50 today
  • Celebrate your beauty and appreciate every scar, every line and every gray (or purple!) hair.

We intend to disrupt & transform the way you are viewed (or forgotten) by the media and society by putting out beautiful and authentic portraits combined with real stories.

This is your chance to be seen and heard!


Portrait of Christina's mother, Loretta

Portrait of Christina's mother and grandmother, Loretta & Josephine

Portrait of Christina's grandmother, Josephine

I started my portrait business a year after my dad died.  Over that time I have photographed my grandmother 6 months before she died and my mom through the years while she has watched her grandchildren grow.  These portraits are extremely meaningful to my mom, myself and my sisters. 

I want you to be able to give that same gift to yourself and your family! You are worth being celebrated and made into artwork for your home! Join me for a fun and emotional adventure!

Why over 50, why me and why now?

Who can take part in the experience 

All women over 50 are invited to participate. I have photographed stunning portraits of women of different shapes and sizes, women with different tastes, from different backgrounds  and with different views of life. 

The Passera Fine Arts Portrait Experience is an exciting, pampering, indulgent adventure, custom tailored and focused on YOU!

Think about how you want to be photographed, what does your legacy look like?  Our passion is to take the every-day woman and give her an unforgettable celebrity-style, magazine portrait experience . 

It's about so much more than just "taking pretty pictures." Our hope is for you to truly reconnect with yourself, see your beauty and spirit the way others already see you!

too many women over 50 feel invisible. i want to change that.

Do you know that 50+ accounts for over 35% of the population? This group is too big to be ignored and too gorgeous not to be celebrated.  It's time to start a conversation  about the beauty of aging and to embrace the confidence about finally being comfortable in our own skin.  Join me on this adventure to create beautiful legacy portraits for yourself and your family!

you are invited to a unique and luxurious portrait experience culminating in a gallery-style exhibition and celebration of women and their stories.  

Covergirl for a day!
You will enjoy a fully, expertly guided magazine style portrait experience. 

Not photogenic? Nonsense! It is not your job to be.  I've got you! It is my job to connect and make you comfortable , to show you in your best light with flattering posing. 

Get ready to rock this!

We will sit down and present your beautiful portraits in person right after the session! You choose your complimentary  legacy portrait and if you desire more , you purchase the ones you love!

Camera-ready Custom hair and make-up artistry applied by our amazing artist Amina of Amina Styles. You will love her!

Glammed up or natural/refined, it's all up to you! Plus amazing hair designs planned with you in mind. 

Complete custom portrait session planning and design. Access to our couture Wardrobe & Accessories
Choose from our curated collections of gowns or bring something meaningful of your own.

wardrobe, styling, planning.

professional makeover

celebrity style portrait session

the portrait presentation
and ordering appointment 

Take a look at everything that is included!

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